General Dentistry


General Dentistry involves the primary dental care of all patients and includes everything from oral exams, gum care, fillings, root canals, crowns and many more such procedures.
General Dentists can take care of the oral health of the entire family and will keep track of the individual’s oral health, which is an important part of the person’s overall health.

The types of General Dentistry Services include:

Regular visits to a dentist are an important part of maintaining good oral health. Preventative dental care consists of all essential treatments that help in maintaining the best possible oral health. During such visits, our dentists will provide you with valuable tips and advice the best way to self-maintain preventative care at all times. Generally, it is best that all patients see their dentist at least every six months to carry out a complete dental exam. This will include various aspects such as routine teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-rays, and even oral cancer screening.
Fillings are basically a way of sealing a small hole that has developed inside a tooth. They are used to treat cavities or tooth decay and stop the infection from spreading further. There are two main types of fillings - metal fillings and tooth coloured fillings - with each type providing different advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Metal fillings can be further broken down into Amalgam Metal (A classic silver filling that is made of mercury, silver, tin and copper) and Cast Gold (A gold filling that combines with other metals). Tooth coloured fillings come in three types: Composite (a mixture of plastic and glass that bonds to the tooth itself), Porcelain (Strong, high-tech dental ceramics that are more lifelike than other fillings) and Glass Ionomer (an acrylic and glass powder mix that acts as a translucent filling).
Dental X-rays use low levels of radiation which make them safe for children and adults. They are used to take diagnostic images of your teeth and jaw bones so that our dentists can better evaluate your oral health status. They generally help to identify any problems, such as tooth decay, cavities and impacted teeth.
Sealants and Fluorides are used to help prevent decay from occurring on your permanent teeth by placing an invisible plastic resin over the biting surface of the tooth to coat and seal it.
Dental implant restorations are used to fix a single or multiple tooth implant crown or bridge that was used to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Emergency Cases

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