Paediatric Dentistry


Paediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that involves in the examination and management of oral health in children. Paediatric Dentists are likely to encounter a number of conditions.

The most common of them are:

If teething is delayed in an infant, it can give rise to various complications and should therefore be examined by a Paediatric Dentist. It is important that the child’s teeth and jaws develop appropriately so that he/she can be suitably weaned on to solid foods. Additionally, timely arrival of teeth is also important in the development of the child’s speech abilities.
A malocclusion or misaligned teeth occurs when the teeth of the upper and lower jaws do not correctly meet when the jaws are shut thereby causing difficulties in speaking or eating. The malocclusion may result in painful biting or injuries to the insides of the cheeks as well as on the gums and tongue. Paediatric dentists address this problem by recommending the use of braces.
Although milk teeth are eventually shed and replaced by permanent teeth, it is still vital that they are properly taken care of. Children are more likely to encounter dental plaque and tooth decay as they tend to eat sweet, sticky foods such as chocolates and toffees while also not maintaining proper oral hygiene as well as an adult might. This means that the chances of children developing tooth decay and therefore cavities that can lead to toothaches are high.

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